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Taking Care of Business

So i got me some new 600wh strobes and I wanted to play with them. What do you do when you want to play with your new lights and have no model around? Grab your 7 year old son of course.

My son is the awesome model in this set. I took him and the lights outside in order to see just how powerful these lights really are. The strobes work on both AC and DC, they are great for location work and are super bright. So bright that in broad daylight I had these suckers turned all the way down to their lowest settings. ¬†Even at 3-4 feet away with a 3′ x 4′ softbox and the lowest power setting I was starting to see some of my son’s head being blown out.

I had one of the lights to his right about 2 feet above his head and the second light on the ground right in front of him pointing up. This light took care of all the shadows and produced a great catch light in his eyes. Definitely worth the money!