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Across The Bay

I have the pleasure of unwinding with my family this weekend at a friends cottage. There is nothing better than smelling clean fresh air, having no noise pollution what-so-ever and having beautiful vistas to look at and capture some great looking landscape photography. What I really wanted to capture was some long exposure night shots and maybe some star trail shots, unfortunately it was overcast every day and you couldn’t see any stars.  Doesn’t mean I didn’t get some great shots.

Our friends have this little Frog pond right in the middle of their land. My wife thought that it was a disaster waiting to happen, unkept and full of growth. I on the other hand thought that it has a lot of character and told it’s own story. The second shot is a a small uninhabited island directly across from their property.  It was shot at night at f6 / 8 seconds and then converted to black and white using NIK’s plugin suite.

I will definitely be back, just to capture those stars that I have been chasing all year.