• 401 at night
  • 401 at night in b&w
Highway 401 at night

Not many people get up off the couch at 11 pm on a week night and go looking for a photo, but I did! I felt bored one night and decided to head out with my camera, tripod and remote trigger to see what I could capture. My wife thought I was insane, but I assured her that it was for the love of the art form.

What I came back with was this great long exposure of Highway 401 in Toronto heading westbound on the Islington Ave bridge.  These are both the same picture with different processing applied (I know, it’s obvious). This was shot with my 16-85 at 16mm with a shutter speed of 8 seconds, aperture dialed up to f/11 and the iso at 200. I used Nik’s Vivenza to get both pictures where I wanted them and cleaned up any light trails from planes in the sky.

Long night exposures are new to me and i’m quickly falling in love with the style. I will defiantly be working on some more long nighttime exposures.